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4 May 2014

Rapid Polo GTi

A ,mates new car, Fast as f**k!

7 Mar 2014

Volkswagen Polo Colin McRae Edition


Volkswagen Caravelle

Based off the new Mercedes-Benz V Class Original

7 Apr 2011

3 Nov 2010

Volkswagen Golf GTi mk7/ Rabbit Gti


A huge thank you to TheophilusChin for letting me use his image. Please do head over to his website and check out his amazaing photoshops.

7 Jul 2010

7 Jun 2010

7 Apr 2010

28 Mar 2010

20 Feb 2010

Volkswagen Caddy

Remember The Old Caddy from the 80's ( I dont I wasnt born then lol) But ive seen plenty pictures of them,so I thought I would try and make a new one.

(Rear is a mess)

26 Nov 2009

11 Nov 2009

Volkswagen Golf Gti MKII MR Editions

MR Classic Edition

MR Classic R Edition


8 Nov 2009

Volkswagen Scirocco Updated Range.

I was on the Volkswagen Scirocco configurator recently and decided to edit the Scirocco and add a few more models to the Scirocco range.

28 Oct 2009